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Commission II: Budget Should Physical Education 5 Percent

BINTAN, News Friend: The Commission insists on the development of Bintan DPRD II physical facilities and educational facilities pre Bintan in 2012 is budgeted Rp 8 billion or 5 percent from 20 percent budget Bintan. The fund is much larger than the proposed Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Dispora) which only amounted to Rp1 billion.

The total budget for the physical development of the educational facilities includes the construction of new classrooms (RKB) SMP Rp3, 1 billion, RKB for elementary level of Rp1, 8 billion, the assembly room of Rp937 million teachers, school construction fence for Rp653, 2 million , the construction of paving blocks for Rp256, 8 million and other development valued at Rp1, 49 billion. Development will be implemented uniformly in 10 districts in Bintan.
Chairman of Commission II of the Parliament of Bintan, Zulkifli Spd convey, pre-development facilities and infrastructure is budgeted in 2012 is a development that are urgent, in accordance with what is in the list are owned Disdikpora Bintan.
"But the service (Dikpora) does not include them in the use of budget funds for reasons that have not enough. It's irrelevant, "Zulkifli said in his office on Monday (5 / 12) yesterday.
Because deemed irrelevant to this Commission II at the meeting to discuss the education budget with Department of Public Works, Sunday (4 / 12) persisted Development facilities and pre-education facilities should remain held. The discussion is said to have been the final Democratic politician and the recommendations were presented to the Chairman of the Parliament of Bintan to then be discussed at the Budget Agency.
Zulkifli hoped the proposed recommendations can be realized. Dikatakanya also, ideally pre-development facilities and educational facilities are still budgeted with the same amount (5 percent from 20 percent of the budget) in the coming year.
"It means we will be safe. Mempeributkan no longer a matter of means and pre-education facilities, "he said.
Looking ahead, Zulkifli hope Disdikpora concern makes planning data base to make better educational programs.
"What makes a good plan if the data base just is not there," he said.
Separately, Chairman of Commission III of the Parliament of Bintan, King Miskal say, other than pre-development facilities and means of education, the year 2012 will also be carried forward meubeler procurement and provision of incentives to teachers who are in Bintan.
"How much amount will be discussed," he said. (Ame)

SKPD Performance Evaluated

BINTAN, News Friend: Towards the closing years, the Regent and Vice Regent of Bintan evaluate the performance SKPD in his cabinet. In the evaluation carried out at the office of Bintan BAPPEDA Tuesday (13/12), Ansar Ahmad and Khazalik assess the work programs undertaken SKPD.

On occasion, the Ansar Ahmad asked SKPD all there is to immediately complete all course work before the close of calendar 2011. The SKPD also asked to immediately make a better program in 2012.

"I hope SKPD make the program better, the more the public interest," he said.

Meanwhile, in the evaluation, Vice Regent, Khazalik looks more carefully at the physical and financial statements are reported throughout SKPD. All SKPD emphasized to promptly report the results of financial activities and in the middle of this month.

Problem evaluation SKPD cabinet first year-Khazalik Ansar leadership, some time ago never mentioned Ansar Ahmad did not rule there will be a shift or change of job positions. Shift or change is mainly done on the head or the head of the agency has assessed the performance is not good or have a program that does not fit with the vision and mission of Bintan regency government. (Ame)

Packaging House International Market Test. Cracker Atomic Translucent Sanghai

BINTAN, News Friend: Packing House or packing house Bintan will try to test the international market. One that will be realized that Shanghai and Macao.

To both cities located in China, the Packing House will send (export) of some types of food products as well as small and medium craft. Such as crackers atoms, bleary-rolls, as well as crafts made from raw bauxite ore. Chairman of the Crafts and Food Industry Association of Bintan regency, Riki Rionaldi explained, export scheduled 16/12 was carried out covering 1000 food packages and 800 packages craft.

Riki explained, exports to Shanghai and Macao are given based on the bid PT Sun Resort, which has investments in Slippery Rock. It took long enough until finally able to export enough to remember the stages through which the complex. Export is done later called Riki is a prime export market trials which are international.

Admittedly also, before Shanghai and Macao states agree to receive food and craft products from Bintan, Bintan Packaging House has never received a request from some other country. Only, the request can not be met because they have not had adequate preparation. But clearly, on 16/12, exports to Macao and Shanghai will be implemented.

"The value of exports of about fifty million," he said.

In addition to food products to be exported to Shanghai and Macao, the Bintan said Riki has also received requests of traditional food products, namely rossela tea. International markets due to high demand for rosella tea has high levels of vitamin C and good for consumption.
Riki then called rosella into potential products, since these plants will easily grow in Bintan. This year, there were 22 boxes rossela to be shipped overseas. Next year, Packaging House plans to make rosella tea in the form pack, no plastic packaging as it did this year. (Ame)

Labour Farmer Wants Land

WACOPEK, News Friend: Wednesday (28/12) afternoon and then, dozens of men and women who are farm workers in a vegetable oil that is in Wacopek, District of Mount Galangal, visible vegetable harvesting. They claim to hope there is land to develop plantations in order to increase household income.

One of his farm workers, Jumarno (36) express, in a mustard vegetable oil plantation is their harvest he worked with his wife, Fitri (33). They are migrants from Central Java. In the garden, Jumarno claimed to get a daily wage of Rp30 thousand.

Want to have your own gardening. But it was. We have no land. Had no capital, he said interrupted harvest collards.

Related to this, Lurah Mount Galangal, Ash Shukri said, in the area today is pretty much abandoned land that is allowed to be utilized. One was for farmer groups to develop the plantation business.
These lands he calls them in the form of former mining land that in fact is not treated.

"We can coordinate this to the company that owns the land so that land can be superimposed," Ash said Shukri, Friday (30/12) yesterday.
Related to that, Sykuri suggested for independent farmers who do not have enough land to be able to create a joint venture group (KUBE) in order to utilize the existing land.

Siulahkan come to us. We can help, he said.
During this call in the Village of Mount Shukri Galangal is pretty much formed KUBE. Starting from KUBE agriculture, handicrafts, carpentry, farming groups, as well as Dasa guesthouse which is formed by the PKK.

Besides the opportunity to get land, with the formation of KUBE could open opportunities for assistance held by the government. (Ame)

Category of family planning and health. Best Mountain Galangal PKK Kepri

BINTAN, News Friend: Galangal PKK Mountain Village, District East Bintan PKK was selected as the best in the category of family planning and health levels Riau Islands Province. Predicate is given bersempena National Mother's Day some time ago.

Chairman of the Mount Lengkukas TP PKK, Reni Yuliani Shukri said, there are some indicators that the PKK is possible that he led was selected as the best for that category. Among the high number of family planning acceptors, the high number of families who have small families (2 children), which assessed the environmental health of hygiene, as well as the relative size of public awareness in using contraceptives as well as environmental hygiene.

In addition to the PKK's best for the category of family planning and health, other villages in the subdistrict of East Bintan, the Village Deer City, also received the title for the different categories. PKK Deer City won two awards in two categories at once. That is the best 2 for the category of best management and best posyandu two healthy living behavior of households.

Awards for achievement were handed over directly Governor of Riau Islands, HM Sani at County Hall. (Ame)