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Jupe bugil, mabuk di diskotik ?

Jupe, why hobbi to make sense ...? Has not been completed cases feud with the babe, Angkasa Jaya or commonly called Aang. Now the woman who likes to show off her beauty, almost naked in a disco. Without a doubt, the Jupe weaving a sexy body. Ckk ckk.ckkkk ..!

Julia Perez wild action, of course, caused controversy. Many people assume that the action scene by Julia Perez because he was more upset because a lot of exposed many problems.

Julia Perez admitted that he did not excessive.
"I'm paid to do that show in discotheques. Costume selection problems like this so it is actually normal clothes so ya.

Perhaps because the pake Jupe so look fabulous. If problems politely say yes or no I pake dress in disco as well so why I do not matter. "Explained Julia Perez.

Julia Perez courage in dress making himself often a lot of job offers to fill an event. So no wonder if Jupe dared to be open when the center-opening event at the disco filled with professional reasons. And this sexy lady berparas dare to accept the consequences.

Jupe naked in disco

"Yes, his name an entertainer should be fun and should be able to really give a terdahsyat entertain possible.
Because I think one should be able to entertain the maximum. "Brightness.

Portrait of the life of Julia Perez was not as smooth as his career. Various sensations and problems that often arise in making his life journey that created her image became bolder side. Apart from all that dancing and clothing styles are almost naked Jupe is presumably not a good example given by a public figure
"Yes mau gimana lagi. This is Julia Perez "he said casually.

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